Abrasiveness of Common Toothpastes – Which is Right for Me?

There are many brands and types of toothpastes to choose from – but which is the right toothpaste to use? The ideal toothpaste is one that has a low abrasive index and which also contains fluoride. Toothpaste abrasiveness is measured by its RDA (Relative Dentin Abrasion) index. The table below shows the RDA index of some common toothpastes. We recommend using a toothpaste with an RDA index of 80 or less. When you buy a toothpaste you will want to make sure it contains fluoride. Fluoride decreases dental decay (cavities) by strengthening the enamel or surface layer of the tooth. Research has shown that fluoride’s effect is mainly topical (direct contact with the tooth surface). Therefore, in addition to using a fluoridated toothpaste we recommend children 3 and up have fluoride treatments done every 6 months. Our recommendation for fluoridated, low abrasive toothpaste include Arm & Hammer Dental Care, Sensodyne Pronamel, Colgate Original, Colgate Total, and Sensodyne.

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